Thursday, January 3, 2008

I had a moment of realisation the other day.

My mind is a constant battleground.
It's my head verses my heart.
The head is armed with Logic and reason, the heart with emotion.
Neither is more valuable than the other, I understand, they're both equal.
I just think my head is a better fighter.


willmeth said...

except your "heart is deceitful above all things" Jeremiah

Anonymous said...

Willmeth has a good quote. However,you inherited those gene from me, and head is always a stronger and longer lasting fighter. Paul in Roman urges us to renew our minds all the time so that we can fight a good fight. John Stott in his writing said: A well grounded christian mind in His Word is the archillies heel of the Devil.
But, generally, women are stronger in facing problems ( not being a sexist) because "generally" their hearts carry them through difficult time while our species ( men) tend to reason a way out....

Anonymous said...

i like your thoughts on the heart/head topic. hah. a bit ironic in itself..Hallvard and i were just talking this through yesterday. He said that he thought love lasts. i like that..i think the bible says something like that..Can love outlive reason?..hmm. no idea..-Linds