Tuesday, August 28, 2007

so... liverpool.

I've been in liverpool now for about a week hanging out with Kurzon (wills housey) and Joy.
It's been an interesting time, i've checked out wales with the local youth group and had a scavenger hunt in a small tourist town, had lunch in some mountains near a large picturesque (hmm i still cant spell) bridge and a river, and finished off the day with a trip to the beach, which was mainly beach, we started walking to the water, 10 mins later we were about halfway there along the sand (directly out towards it) and we got called back for dinner, strange beach that, but we did get a good dose od DoDo, and as always there were injuried, a potentially cracked rib and a knocked face this time i think. The youth trip was fun!

Went up to the lakes district yesturday, drove up a steep and winding path that only 1 car could fit up but there were 2 directons of traffic, its always interesting! amazing mountains though and with i could have climbed them! didnt quite have the time though so we just sat at the top in a wind sheltered part and let the wind rush by, listening to it rustle through the grass, attempting not to slide down the mountain! It was probably the best bit about england so far, a place with no one else except the people you came with! its rare here being so crowded.

I'm sure you must have all heard about the recent shooting in liverpool of the 11 year old child. but have you heard about the other shootings? a week before i got here another man was shot dead 2 mins walk from the church i attended, and on saturday night 2 bouncers were shot abotu 2 blocks away. the 11 year old child was shot 1 suburb over!
I rarely use this kind of language but i do have to ask, what the FUCK is going on here?! liverpool is a seemingly peacefull place, reminds me of home just a little more crowded, there are nice parks, clean streets, people wandering around jumping around an laughing. why on earth is there so much violence? why does this happen here?! I guess the violence portrayed on the news doesnt really hit home until its happening a block away, at least it seems not for me. And what makes it worse is that these have been seemingly random attacks.
i should say now, for mums sake at least, that i have been completely safe and not witnessed any violence and it appears this random acts are not the norm. but still. why does this happen here but not in melbourne? i jumped in on a debate at a cafe with some freinds of a freinds freind. (yeah, that makes alot of sense doesn it!) they were throwing ideas around about gangsta cultre, racial mix through to food additives. but what really gets me is why not in melbourne we have all the same. i geuss we're fortunate.... but yeah....

I'm off to norway soon, tomorrow infact, a short stay in olso then on to YWAM, 2nd day up there they're loading us up and we're going up a glacier and camping on it for the night, then up a further mountain to stay in a hut up the top! should be crazy, kinda getting thrown in the deep end though i feel! should be a blast!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Low, High and mummified cats.

Since last time, well i guess not long as passed, still just bumming around london with Katie and crocker, but ill throw up some blogs while i still have the chance...

Well last sunday i wandered into Holy trinity Brompton, a small church in the centre of london that has the likes of tim hughes and niky gumble, it was an interesting experience, very much like church back home at St Hills, good music, good teaching, big nice old building. bit of a walk in and walk out service though, no one really talked to each other where i was sitting, alas.

tried to get into the famed Harrods, got knocked back, must've been looking dodgy or something.

managed to catch communion at St Pauls that night, it was a totally different church experience to HTB (as one would expect), its a massive place, if you've been there you'll know what im tlaking about, if not, high ceilings, big dome, painted roofs with sculptures and what not piled in everywhere. communion was a great experience, about 100 people from all around the world, and it was partially sung, the canon and helper people were in robes and they had a smoke bowl thingo full of incense.

it was an interesting contract, going to the contemporary service in the morning then on to the high anglican shin dig at the church that is the centre of the anglican church...

I've also been road tripping with Dan Crocker, long drive, took up 12 hours to clock up about 400km, stupid UK traffic, even in the middle of the day in the middle of the week, its amazing... though we found some nice cliched small roads surrouned by hedges, where we got stuck and had to squeeze past other cars.
We ended up in Hastings for dinner at a small Pub called the Stagg, it was older than our country, (im assuming most reading this are aussies...) at about 400years old and came complete with mumified cats in a box and drunk owner sitting behind the bar offering us a free meal if it wasnt up to scratch.

besides all that i;ve just been doing the usual tourist stuff, all good fun, lots of museums and what not. still missin home a little.


Friday, August 17, 2007

Long flights, busy places and warm beer....

hmmm, first blog, how does one write these things...

After leaving good old Melbourne on wednesday morning at 1am, early, yes. after getting to singapore with very few difficulties i managed to score a row to my self on the 14 hour flight to london, I'm very glad about tat as it would have been torture otherwise! - thats about all there is to say about travelling, it wasnt very exciting to be honest, just lots of sitting there and waiting...

After wandering hopelessly around heathrow for a while i finally (after a few desperate calls home to try and get my Cuz's mobile number) managed to find katie, a great relief, thanks mum for praying fervently! then headed into the city, i had managed to get 35kg of gear onto the aeroplane and was now somewhat regretting it... but that was all good as we slowly made our way on the train through the suburbs of london, its all medium density rows and rows of buildings, its quite incredible after coming from Melbourne.
At the moment I'm staying in Notting Hill with Katie (my Cuz) and her housemate, its a small place, but in a really really nice spot, a short walk to hyde park and one of the palaces, close to the museums, which i was pleased to find out are free! - im checking out the science and nature one later today.

I caught up with Dan Crocker yesturday, who has been hanging out here for the last 6 months teaching, we checked out greenwich and the meridian line, It's a really interesting place and makes me think that we're getting dumber as a people as those guys seemed to be insanely brilliant to be able to figure all that stuff out!

wandered picadilly and oxford circus (really packed places, not sure why though, not all that exciting, though the archetecture is amazing there! really really nice) that arvo and had my first brittish beer, wasnt quite warm but definately wasn't cold, good though, a great bitter, then onto dinner, managed to find china town, as small as it is, i guess its in the blood, seems to be an asian thing, find china town in every city you visit... seemed a common theme amongst the people, oh yeah, and its right next to SOHO, interesting place that, didnt check out many of the shops there, thankfully, but found a brilliant french cake shop.

well, i'm thinking this wasnt a very exciting post as i havent done much to note yet, just thought i'd organise this whole blog thing... so yeah, feel free to pick your way through this post and correct my spelling mistakes, i blame the computer, it tends to forget to put letters in where i asked it too...

I hope everyone is going well back home, i already miss everyone heaps! Wish i had someone here to share the experience with!

keep in touch,