Thursday, November 29, 2007

Take a moment in time - its yours

Have you ever had one of those moments in life that you wish you could capture?
To take time, and frame by frame distil it; not just the visual world around you or the sounds that fill your mind, or the bittersweet feeling of pain mixed with joy and excitement, but along with all that the freedom, the company, the fear, the wonder and awe; the whole vibe?
Have you?

A snapshot of your life tucked away to take out and re-experience when things get rough, living is a struggle and the world seems set against you? To remind you that life doesn't always suck, that God loves you and that this world He created is full of beauty and amazement, not just a giant rotting ball of hate?

A freeze frame to share with your friends and family so they could actually get it?
To not just live vicariously through your poor verbal rendition?

Picture this, imagine this, try to feel and experience this: -
It's 3pm and the sun is still setting, it has been since about 12:30pm, but that’s a whole nother story. The temperature has dropped to something that could best be described as Arctic; which in itself isn’t surprising being above the arctic circle (that probably explains the setting sun to...)

So picture this. The red glow in the sky, reflecting off the clouds that swamp the distant mountains, a now-white lake, frozen below us.
A fine mist of snow flowing like liquid over the peak of the slope.
A row of white clouds bursting forth from the snow machines that stretch up the mountain above us.
An empty slope below, flood-lit, complete with undulating shadows to hide the line, the bumps, the dangers and snares.
A lone companion strapping in, buckling in next to you; excitement and awe in their eyes like a reflection of your own.

Hear this, conjure it in your mind.
The sound of your board sliding over snow,
Of metal edges cutting in.
The gush of mist bursting into the air,
The click of buckles holding you ever tighter,
The voice of a friend.
All stolen away by a steadily rushing wind.

Feel this, try and imagine it.
The painful pressure of your mechanical ride to the top, the T-Bar, bane of all snowboarders, as it digs in behind your left thigh. 'Not long now, not long till it will be gone... for a time'.
The relief of making it to the top.
The icy wind cutting through your carefully prepared layers of clothing,
Freezing your breath as it leaves your mouth,
You're just another snow machine now.
The snow gliding beneath your board,
It’s harder than it seems you realise again as your land on your bruised behind,
It jars your wrists just one more time.
The frozen mist from the machines that passes off as snow,
Covering you, filling you.
Your knuckles hitting knuckles as you bid farewell to a friend and begin your descents,

Smell this:
Nothing but fresh air and cold snow powder.

Experience this:
The calm as you sit/glide/stand (which is it? all or none, still cant tell...) next to a freind discussing the important things in life as your are dragged up a hill, "your favourite food?", "Best outdoor experience?"
The awe as your reach the peak and look back at the scene above and below,
where the heavens meet the mountains.
The words stop.
Excitement and joy as you sit buckling your boots into your board,
Fear that fuels adrenaline slowly making its way into the mix of emotions.
Release as your stand and gravity takes hold and your board edge cuts in.
Moments of nerves as you fly with wind rushing against your body while the glow of lights is traded for the depths of a shadow with its hidden snares.

Sorrow as you know it cant last forever.

That's my moment in time.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

"Fuck Drugs" In Fauske

So mum, i apologise for the title but I have to tell it how it is...

Many christians beleive that "the F word" is a terrible thing to say and shouldn't be spoken. Its harsh, crass and downright rude. Apparently they dont think the same way here in Norway. I have just spent (well we got back a week ago and had a week of teaching in between but i've been a little lazy and havent updated my blog until now...) a week in a larger town north of Engavagen (where i live) named Fauske, its about the size of say... errr... a small town? i cant really think of a similar sized town in melbourne, its a little late and my mind is starting to shut down, Not too big but not too small.
We were sent off by the staff for a week of "Mini-outreach", 1 week of being self-sufficient and self led (i was assigned to be the leader of our 4 person team to fasuke) to spend time in the communities and some way share the Gospel or encourage the people in the area or just be a christian presence in the places we were sent. We had a contact named Audun, a young snowboarder who, after injuring his knee, has returned home to lead the youth ministries in the area and be a christian role model for the youth in the area. He also hates the drug culture. Hence is car is plastered with a giant green sticker labled "Fuck Drugs". He also has a clothing line named "Perfect line" as he beleives that there is no high greater, no opportunity to get closer to God (at least for him) than to be riding down a perfect line pushing yourself so you just have to trust that God has your back as you ride down a mountain. --> he wants to share that message.
During the week we hung out with him at the youth clubs he runs at night, conformation classes, KRIK (christian youth sports group), Tensing (Christian youth singing group) and his night cafe. We just hung out and encouraged the youth, it was fun, they were crazy hopefully they'll be invading Nordtun for a weekend camp in 2 weeks to get to know God a little better. We were also given a school to run for 3 days, it was pretty insane, we had very little contact before and and though we were just going to say hello and maybe sit in on a few classes but when we rocked up at 8am the first day to meet with the principle we were informed that over the next 3 days classes had not been planned as we were going to be running them... "oh crap" was the first though it my head. But it ended up to be a great time, we spent the third day hiking up the mountains that surrounded the school with a fire and some damper. It was great to see the Amazment in the eyes of some of the students as they turned around to see the sun peaking over the mountains on the opposite side of the valley and shining through the trees. Although they have live amongst these mountains for many years most of them have never had a chance to walk up them!
So that was fauske (i could tell you more but its late, im tired and yeah, you'd probably get bored if i wrote lots more) it was freaking cold, -15c one morning... oh yeah up until today (when it rained) i have been living in a crazy snow covered world!

This last week of teaching has been on "A Life in Freedom" Basically it was about deliverance, bondage and the like. it was really interesting and brought up alot of questions amongst many people. still have to wrap my head around alot of it but i will be attempting to learn more about it as the weeks go on.

We took a night hike up the Troll, climbing moutains in the pitch black, covered in snow, with headtorches is fun, you should try it...

yeah gettin real tired, might fix this blog up when i get more energy, maybe not though.... Good night all, its snooze time for me! YaY!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Moonbow!

Picture this.

The blackness of the late autumn winter sky in the north or Norway.
A moon that burns so brightly it starts to hurt to look into its perfect circle.
Clouds, one above the other, blanketing the sky, masking the star filled heavens.
Faint northern lights, an electric green, flowing like a jetstream.
The end of a rocky jetty.
A cold wind is blowing over a once glassy harbour.
The moons vibrant reflection is broken, distorted.

Now imagine a rainbow in all its glory, violet through red.
Bend it around the perfect circle, set it against a black sky and blur it with a cloud.
Sit back and watch.
It's magnificent,
It's a moonbow,
It's Gods creation!